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"Ballet and dance professional and movement therapist, Suzanne Astley, has recently brought her unique skillset to the Ribble Valley after working at the highest level in the UK at the Royal Academy of Dance in London" Live Ribble Valley Magazine, 2019

About Us

Mindful Movement enables you to better understand posture, alignment and breath. We do this through contemporary dance techniques and integrating the mind and body, similar to yogic flow practises. It helps to improve flexibility, the flow of movement, building strength and core stability. 

We are extremely passionate about promoting health and wellbeing and it is through these practises that we want to help you find a healthier, happier and more empowered way of living.

Our classes each have an essence of Contemporary, Somatic and Meditative dance. Every class is suitable and tailor-made for all abilities including group and one-on-one work, and are of a therapeutic nature. The aim of Mindful Movement is to create an environment where you can solely concentrate your mind and body on rest and relaxation.

Reconnect and come home to your body.

About Suzanne


Suzanne recently worked at the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) as a lecturer of Dance for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs as well as being a Student Support Officer where she helped students and colleagues both physically and mentally.

Suzanne has written a Yoga Teacher Training course as well as being an Assessor for yoga courses and within the fitness industry, an Assessor of Personal Trainers. She is also currently a Consultant, Facilitator and Course Writer for the RAD. Her most recent course she has written is on Managing Mental Health and Wellbeing using Somatic Movement education and therapy, and Practical Ways to Support People Living With Neurological Conditions. 




Tuesday | Soma Yoga, 6-7pm

Wednesday | Adult Ballet, 6:45-7:45pm

Thursday | Menopause Course, 6-7pm

Saturday | Soma Yoga, 10-11am

All classes take place at our studio in Ribchester

Fuelmizas, Bee Mill, Preston Rd, Ribchester, Preston PR3 3XJ


New & Upcoming Classes

Thursday | Menopause Soma Yoga, 6-7pm

Soma Yoga and Barre calms the nervous system and works with the subtlety of the endocrine system. Building energy, strength and flexibility, and tools to support the body.  We’ll be offering advice on a holistic healthy lifestyle, nutrition, Hrt or alternatives. Delivered by Suzanne who has an MA in Dance, Somatic Movement Therapy, Health and Well-being and is a registered somatic movement therapist (ISMETA). Suzanne’s research is invested in women’s health and wellbeing, particularly peri-menopausal and menopausal women.

'My course is based on extensive research and practice. I’ve studied women’s health for many years, looking at ways to approach every stage to assist in living a long, healthy, happy and active life’ Suzanne 

Tuesday & Friday | Prenatal Soma Yoga, 9.30-10.30am

Somatics and yoga support each trimester through the stages of your pregnancy.

Practising safe safe poses (asanas) and breath work in preparation for birth.  A chance to meet with other mums and look after you at this very special time of life.


Friday | Soma Yoga & Ballet Barre/Centre, 9.30-10.30am

Somatic Yoga, bringing in somatics and yoga practice on the mat, ballet barre, combing yoga and ballet in centre work ending in mindfulness and meditation. This style includes somatic movement, which creates an attention to the breath which reduces everyday anxiety, finding ease and flow as you feel, move and bring attention to the integration of body, breath and mind; along with developing core strength, alignment and posture, flexibility, and toning the body. A whole body workout. 

One-to-One & Wellbeing Packages are available in


Soma Yoga

Wellbeing Coaching

Somatic Movement Therapy

Ballet for children and adults


Corporate Packages

At Mindful Movement we aim to help employers and team leaders realise these benefits with our holistic methods and an approach specifically tailored to your business.

We’re not about superficial fixes; ping-pong tables, team drinks on a Friday or dreaded team-building retreats. Instead, our approach focuses on providing employees with a toolkit of wellness techniques designed to help them build up long-term mental resilience.


Our wellbeing coach and consultant, Suzanne, can help guide your employees through these challenges with the careful application of mental health awareness education, mindfulness and compassion training, somatic yoga, movement therapy and dance lessons.


If you would like to book, please do not hesitate to contact Suzanne on 07738405277 or

Be sure to follow me on Facebook (click on the icon below) as there are live streaming classes available throughout the week!


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Mindful Movement Exercises

Contact Us

Mindful Movement

@ Fuelmizas, Bee Mill Garage

Preston Road, Ribchester


Tel: 07738405277



Suzanne Astley
Francis Angol

Francis is an associate lecturer of dance at the university of Surrey, performing artist, choreographer and a Somatics Movement Educator. A former fellowship artist of the Arts Council of England, and graduate of the University of Central Lancashire, with an MA in Dance, Somatics Health and Wellbeing. Over the years, Francis has developed work that has contributed to the enrichment of British dance culture on several levels, having held positions on the board of trustees at Dance UK, Jacksons Lane Theatre, ADAD and the former London Arts Board, ‘LAB’.

Suzanne is currently a Somatics Movement Educator, and Dance Artist. She initially achieved a scholarship for the Royal Ballet, studied at Laine Theatre Arts, took a Drama and Dance degree at the university of Winchester and then went on to work for a prestigious arts organisation, Swindon Dance. In addition to this she gained an MA in Dance Somatics and Wellbeing. Suzanne also boasts qualified teacher status from the University of Cumbria and was recently the course leader of Dance Performance and Teaching at the University of Central Lancashire. As well as working as a Dance Lecturer and Student Support for the Royal Academy of Dance. Her expertise within teaching has been acquired from her work within community settings and primary, secondary, FE and HE education, spanning over 30 years.

Melanie Brierley

Melanie is a lecturer of dance at the university of Edge Hill, dance artist, Somatics Movement Educator and an intricate member of the Parkinson's Network. A lead artist on 'Own Now' Dance and Dementia project, and also works within care homes situated in Cumbria. Melanie is currently studying a PhD in Dance and Parkinson's at the University of Roehampton. She is a practitioner, in dance, health and wellbeing with the focus on person centered movement and somatic practices.

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